Ephemeral stores, also known as pop-up stores, have indeed experienced strong growth over the past few years, with the market expected to grow by 30% in 2019.

But the ephemeral sale is not limited to stores installed for a few weeks or months, it also applies to events such as festivals, donation drives or even sales or private sales, with the objective of increasing sales on exclusive products and / or in limited numbers over a few days or weeks.

To be able to maximize sales during these peaks of activity, the payment solution must meet the challenges of mobility, speed of installation and ease of use, but also simplification of administrative procedures. And of course, all at a lower cost!


The latest ECB study confirms that in-store cash payments are on the decline: they represented 59% of transactions in 2022 versus 72% in 2019. Panorabanque also reveals that 86% of French people regularly use contactless payment.

SoftPOS is therefore a relevant payment solution for merchants, whatever their size, giving them the means to meet the growing demand for payment by bank card and the development of contactless.

For small businesses, SoftPOS is the ideal solution. It can be activated and deactivated at any time, and is able to collect card payments of any amount without having to invest or rent expensive equipment. This solution meets the challenges of these merchants. Indeed, the softPOS can be installed in a few minutes on any Android device equipped with NFC!

For the biggest brands, beyond the flexibility that SoftPOS offers in terms of speed of installation and activation/deactivation, this solution is a good complement to the traditional payment terminals that often already equip the merchant. Indeed, SoftPOS allows to manage efficiently the peaks of affluence without buying additional terminals. This solution even avoids the need to go to the cashier's desk by allowing the sales staff to collect payments on the move throughout the sales area. This way, the merchant can focus on the essential: maximizing his conversion rate and increasing his sales.

Market Pay's PayWish® solution is based on SoftPOS technology and offers all these advantages to merchants. It's a great way to improve the in-store shopping experience. According to a SOTI study, 70% of customers want in-store staff to be equipped with mobile technologies to offer them a better shopping experience, and 29% of them expect a tool that allows them to make their purchases without going through the checkout.

SoftPOS, and by extension PayWish®, is therefore a perfect solution to provide a smooth, secure and innovative payment experience for pop-up stores and ephemeral events.