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Accept contactless payments with your smartphone, without the need of terminal.

Accept contactless payments from your customers with Tap to Pay on iPhone and Tap on Android without the need of additional equipment and minimize your costs.

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Accept contactless payments without a terminal

PayWish® is an innovative solution based on SoftPOS technology that allows you to accept contactless payments via NFC on smartphones or tablets, whether on-the-go in the store, at your customers' homes, or as a supplement to your checkout line, without the need to purchase or lease additional equipment.

Install the application with just a few clicks or connect PayWish® to your business applications on any NFC-enabled device and enjoy the functionalities of a payment terminal, enabling you to provide your customers with a smooth and fast checkout experience.

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Maximize your sales by reducing costs

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Reduce your checkout queues

Optimize the customer journey throughout the sales floor and maximize the conversion of assisted sales by increasing your points of checkout, particularly during peak times.

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Improve your customer relationship

Increase customer satisfaction by accompanying them from advice to purchase, avoiding the need to go through the checkout, while providing a smooth, fast, and secure payment solution.

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Collect funds quickly

Receive funding for your transactions on D+1 to facilitate your accounting reconciliation.

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Reduce costs

Utilize your NFC-enabled devices by turning them into payment terminals and reduce expenses associated with purchasing or leasing equipment. Deploy a large number of applications without additional cost thanks to the pricing model of unlimited applications.

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Offer a wide choice of payment methods.

Offer your customers multiple means of payment: bank cards, wallets and luncheon vouchers.

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Monitor your transactions

Track and manage all your transactions through the PayWish application and access our secure Merchant Portal for comprehensive transaction reporting.

A mobile-focused payment experience

Shop Experience


Accept contactless payments throughout the store, without increasing your checkout lines.

Remote Experience


Facilitate payments by offering contactless payment for delivery or home sales.

Omnichannel Sales

Pop-up sales

Manage emergencies, peak activities, one-time promotions, or replacement of faulty payment terminals with ease.

How does it work?

  • Step 1

    The amount is transmitted by the merchant's management software or entered manually (automated within the scope of App-to-App/SSO integration).

  • Step 2

    The customer approaches their card or wallet via NFC (for amounts over €50: PIN entry or wallet authentication).

  • Step 3

    The receipt is provided to the customer via QR code or email.

PayWish Features

  • NFC or link payment
  • Receipt history
  • Aggregated view of transactions
  • Refunds from the app
  • Tip management (optional)
  • FAQ and user guide

Available payment methods

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex
  • CB
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Pay By bank

Simplify the complexity of traditional payment solutions

Install the application with a few clicks and start accepting payments from your mobile and tablet devices

  • For Merchants
  • For Distributors
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Quick and customized integration

  • Install the standalone application in a few clicks on your NFC-enabled devices
  • or integrate PayWish via App-to-App/SSO or Web-to-App from your management software without leaving your application environment, and customize the application to match your branding.
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