In the ever-evolving world of retail, merchants are constantly seeking ways to enhance the customer experience while optimizing their operations. In this ecosystem, payment plays a central role, as it needs to facilitate business management while ensuring both flexibility and security.

As a distributor of payment solutions, it is crucial to offer merchants an offering that helps them achieve these objectives, fostering loyalty and generating additional recurring revenue.

The SoftPOS technology, as an application software solution, addresses the challenges they encounter and seamlessly integrates with business tools, such as point-of-sale software, simplifying daily operations.

Simplicity, speed, and security are among the primary advantages of integrating SoftPOS. Merchants can add a payment feature to their smartphones or tablets used for business management, effectively turning them into full-fledged electronic payment terminals, without the need for additional leased or purchased POS devices.

By leveraging this technology, merchants can easily switch between different applications on their tablet or smartphone. For instance, in a restaurant, a server can manage reservations, take orders, and process payments all on a single device equipped with NFC, using the SoftPOS solution.

Furthermore, using SoftPOS in-store enhances business management by allowing sales teams to switch from inventory management applications to in-store customer payments on the same device.

Integrating a SoftPOS solution into the point-of-sale software perfectly aligns with a unified commerce strategy. By connecting all these tools, the merchant gains real-time access to updated inventory and data analysis, enabling them to make informed decisions to boost sales and revenue.

Regarding security, the PayWish® solution employs the required advanced accreditations and security protocols for its application domain.

Our mobile payment solution complies with the most stringent standards for transaction security and personal data protection, as evidenced by our certifications: CB, Mastercard, Visa, and PCI DSS.

From a customer experience standpoint, integrating SoftPOS into point-of-sale software streamlines payment processing through contactless methods and ensures end-to-end customer support throughout their purchase journey.


As demonstrated in the previous section, the PayWish® solution was designed to simplify the lives of payment solution distributors' customers, offering a digital onboarding, easy integration and usage, and simplified transaction management on a unified interface.

Through PayWish, distributors can integrate a comprehensive and fully secure payment offering into their point-of-sale software, perfectly synchronizable with merchant tools through seamless communication. This empowers them to provide a fully optimized sales journey from start to finish, resulting in improved conversion rates for merchants.

Moreover, Market Pay provides distributors with a team of experts available 24/7 to handle incidents and support them throughout the collaboration.


Companies like Lundi Matin in France and RCH in Italy have chosen to integrate PayWish into their point-of-sale software to complement their offerings with a payment feature, incorporating SoftPOS technology for their retail customers.

Whether in physical stores, events, or while on the move, integrating a SoftPOS solution like PayWish addresses the evolving needs of modern retail, offering an advanced payment experience. By adopting this innovative technology, merchants can revolutionize their payment processes, improve profitability, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.