As part of a strategic move to simplify the payment process for merchants in Italy, Ultroneo, a leading provider of payment solutions, is renewing its confidence in Market Pay by launching link-based payment via its GetYourCash platform, following the successful launch of the GetYourCash SoftPOS solution.

Who is Ultroneo? 

Ultroneo is a fintech founded in 2014 aiming to offer innovative solutions for the retail world, focusing on the efficiency of the check-out process, both for merchants and for its customers.

Ultroneo offers two services:

  • GetYourBill launched in 2015, an invoicing platform for generating electronic invoices in real time, directly from the point of sale or on the move.
  • GetYourCash, launched in 2023, an electronic and digital payment service available on Android mobile terminals, enabling mobile payments to be accepted at the point of sale.

An expanded partnership with GetYourCash

Following the successful launch of Market Pay's SoftPOS solution via the PayWish application, enabling contactless payments to be accepted on cell phones, Ultroneo has once again turned to Market Pay to enhance its platform via link payment using Market Pay's Pay Online solution.

  • In concrete terms, payment by link enables customers to accept remote payments conveniently via the GetYourCash platform.
  • With this service, an unlimited number of payment links can be generated for the customer to pay remotely. The customer then simply clicks on the link, enters the payment details, in the same way as if paying via a website.
  • This solution offers an additional alternative to facilitate customer collection, and another major advantage is that activation of the service is free of charge. Only transaction fees apply.
  • Compatible with all major payment methods, including VISA and Mastercard, and major PayOnline wallets, it ensures convenient, flexible transactions, enriching the overall customer experience while guaranteeing fast, easy checkout.

Ultroneo is working on integrating Pay-by-Link into up partner software solutions, thereby reaching out rapidly to 10s of thousands of customers.

‘We are delighted to leverage the expertise of Market Pay to enrich our GetYourCash platform and thus offer our merchant customers innovative services allowing them to simplify and facilitate the acceptance of payments, thus ensuring that our merchants can answer to a wide range of customer preferences.’ declared Nicolas Ancot, Founder and Director

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