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Whether it's for the promotion of a new brand, the launch of a new product, a commercial highlight, or the organization of events, the ephemeral sale is a one-off commercial operation that can generate significant revenue over a short period. But it is also an excellent opportunity to reinforce brand loyalty and attract new customers.

In a context where consumers are over-solicited, retailers have redoubled their in-store operations in recent years to attract customers, with clear objectives: to continue to generate traffic at the point of sale, to increase sales of course, but also to build customer loyalty. And to do this, it is necessary to perfectly manage the peaks of affluence in the point of sale, whether in terms of the organization of the space, the customer path and therefore also payment.

Regarding payment, solutions are needed that combine mobility and fluidity of payment, while providing flexibility and speed of installation, all at a lower cost. SoftPOS is the perfect answer to these needs.


SoftPOS is the technology that transforms NFC-enabled mobile devices or tablets into contactless payment terminals. The customer pays contactless with his card whatever the amount. Above 50€, he must enter his PIN code.

The SoftPOS application is easy to install, and accesses are quickly activated and deactivated. This avoids the need to buy or rent additional equipment for a short period of time, thanks to the use of existing smartphones or tablets for payment. In addition, it allows mobile payment on the entire sales floor!

Retailers can thus get in direct contact with their customers, offering them a personalized and seamless experience, from the reception to the payment, without having to redirect them to a cash register. This guarantees to maximize the conversion rate, avoid shopping cart abandonment and therefore generate additional revenues, while reducing material costs and logistical concerns inherent to the organization of ephemeral events.

For the customer, the buying experience is more pleasant since he benefits from a personalized support that he does not have online and that goes up to the payment, in a fluid and fast way. This contributes to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

By adopting SoftPOS, merchants also meet consumers' expectations since, according to the SOTI study of 2021, 70% of respondents say they would like salespeople to have mobile equipment, and 29% would like mobile payment to avoid going to the cashier.

As you can see, SoftPOS is the best solution for ephemeral sales and for offering a fluid, secure and innovative payment experience to your customers!

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