Hello everyone, I'm Aude Vicaire and I welcome you to the Instant Paiement.

Between 2021 and 2022, 14,000 new e-commerce sites were created in France, a sign that despite economic conditions and inflation, online sales are still on a dynamic trend. To stand out from the strong competition in this channel, maximize sales and provide an optimal shopping experience for consumers, the buying process must be facilitated by offering simple, efficient and secure payment solutions

According to PYMENTS research, it takes an average of 23 clicks to complete a purchase on an e-commerce site, and 2 out of 3 consumers say they are frustrated with online shopping. Frustrated users are less likely to consume or return to a site to buy.

Payment providers are always looking for the best balance between fluidity and security. Indeed, payment by credit card, the preferred method of payment of the French, is simple but requires strong authentication during payment to reduce fraud, the use of wallets removes friction but requires prior registration, as for payment in installments, it requires the entry of personal information before benefiting from it.

Merchants need to offer a wide range of payment options so that each consumer can find his way around.

It is with this in mind that schemes such as VISA and Mastercard continue to innovate, and in particular contribute to the balance between fluidity and security by developing the Click to pay solution. This is a new 1-click payment solution.

The prerequisite is that the merchant's PSP offers this functionality!

To benefit from Click to Pay, the customer must :

  • Identify the presence of the Click to Pay symbol on the merchant's site (Aude shows the symbol you are embedding on the screen) 
  • The first time, enter his card information directly on the online store, to create a Click to Pay profile.
  • The issuing bank authenticates the transaction, 
  • And the payment is validated!

During the next purchases (from the registered device), the customer will not have to enter any more banking information, his data will be automatically filled in to make his purchases in only a few clicks.

And at any time, the customer can register for the click to pay service directly in his banking application.

The Click to Pay functionality has many advantages for the customer. In addition to greatly reducing the number of clicks required to make a purchase, it also increases security.

For merchants, it is also an advantageous solution. The objective is to reach 95% of conversion rate in complete security, with 0 manual entry of the PAN.

Click to Pay is one of the future solutions of e-commerce. It is starting to develop in France and internationally and Market Pay is currently working on it.

That's it, the Instant Payment is over. 

Next month, we will be in 2023. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy holiday season. In January, I'll tell you about the payment trends of 2023.

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