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Manage your business from a single portal

Benefit from a 360-degree view of the payment solutions used in your physical or online point of sale and streamline your accounting reconciliation.

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A 360-degree view of your transactions

Monitor, manage, and analyze all your transactions in real-time, regardless of your sales channels, from their acceptance in-store or online to their settlement in your bank account.

Our unique interface allows you to simplify the accounting reconciliation of all your transactions, regardless of the sales journey, and analyze transaction data to optimize sales, gain better insights into your customers, and identify business opportunities.

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A portal dedicated to managing your business

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Visualize all your transactions

Track all your PayWish, Pay Online and Pay On Site transactions from a single tool. Support your omnichannel strategy by monitoring all transactions, regardless of the acceptance channel.

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Streamline your accounting reconciliation

Monitor the daily settlement of transactions in your bank account and ensure that all transactions have been paid to you through automatic reconciliation.

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Analyze your payment data

Leverage payment-related data with a KPI dashboard and analysis tools. Discover who your customers are and how you can improve the business performance of your points of sale by harnessing data insights.

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An interface tailored to every role

The functionalities of the Merchant Portal have been designed to meet the needs of all roles in your organization, including accountants, treasurers, analysts, as well as salespeople, customer advisors, and store managers.

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Take control of your costs

The Merchant Portal transparently communicates transaction-related costs, allowing you to stay in control of your expenses. Access your invoices and other accounting documents within the interface to facilitate your management.

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Monitor your business independently

Empower yourself to create user accounts for your colleagues within the Merchant Portal and benefit from a quick onboarding experience with an interactive user guide, video training, and 24/7 access to live chat support.

Key features of the Merchant Portal

  • Detailed transaction reporting 
  • Settlement reporting 
  • User management 
  • Multi-language interface 
  • In-app and email notifications 
  • Scheduled reporting 
  • Accessible on computer, tablet, or mobile

Accessible via SAAS or API

  • SAAS integration
  • API integration
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Quick and customized integration

Connect to the software and access all Merchant Portal data without hosting the application or internal data storage.

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