Increase your revenues by eliminating the constraints associated with payment in proximity

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With PayWish®, Market Pay offers you a new way to accept payments on the go. Install the application in a few clicks on your NFC-equipped Android devices and take advantage of full-fledged payment terminals allowing you to offer your customers a seamless payment experience.

Queues, high shopping carts, management of traffic, investment in expensive equipment... PayWish® answers to all these issues and brings concrete solutions allowing you to eliminate the constraints related to them.

Discover PayWish® and its features

PayWish® Advantages

For merchants and their customers

Advantages for the merchant

The end of checkout lines

With PayWish®, scale your checkout capabilities on the fly, without reducing your catchment area or increasing your checkout area.

A really seamless in-store shopping experience

With PayWish®, your sales staff can now accompany your customers throughout the sales area to advise them and cash them directly without redirecting them to the cashier.

Low cost for an unlimited number of applications

Here, your devices are your mobile devices that you already own for the catalog or inventory and that you transform into a payment terminal. No need to buy or rent new hardware.

Customer advantages

Quality accompaniment

With PayWish®, you can stay close to your customers, accompany them and advise them on their purchases. It's a more personalized experience that will make customers feel heard and increase their satisfaction and loyalty.

Wide variety of payment options

Offer your customers the possibility to pay with their preferred method with a wide range of payment options. You increase their satisfaction, their chance to convert and your sales!

A smoother experience

With PayWish®, no matter how much your customers need to pay, you can provide them with a faster, smoother, innovative payment experience that enhances their satisfaction and accelerates your sales.


To make in-store payment smooth and easy to manage

NFC payment

Whatever the amount, offer contactless and frictionless payment with a wide choice of payment methods.

Large Basket Option

Combine simplified transfer (Pay by Bank) and split payment to get around the problem of collecting high baskets (card limits or insufficient cash).

Payment link

Offer your customers a wide variety of payment methods, as well as facilities such as payment in installments, or BNPL, so that no sale is missed.

Merchant Portal

Access a secure portal that centralizes all your transactions and facilitates your accounting.


At the end of the process, the customer ticket can be presented as a QR code or sent by email from the PayWish® application

Payment Methods

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Pay
  • CB
  • American Express
  • Virement

Issues & solutions

You are confronted with several issues impacting your turnover and your results

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