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The account-to-account transfer solution that simplifies high-value payments

Maximize the conversion of high-value transactions and reduce the risk of non-payment while enhancing your customers' payment experience.

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Sidestep card limits and minimize non-payment risks

With Pay By Bank simplified transfer, maximize the conversion of high-value transactions without being constrained by card limits for your customers.

Reduce non-payment risks while also cutting down on monetary fees.

With Pay By Bank, your customers can make online or in-person purchases through a transfer without the need to input the beneficiary's IBAN or manually enter the amount or order reference.

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Secure your revenue

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Maximize your conversion rate

With Pay By Bank simplified transfer, eliminate the risk of payment rejection due to exceeding card limits and provide your customers with a simple and secure alternative to traditional card payments, ensuring a seamless checkout experience.

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Reduce transaction fees

Save on each transaction by avoiding fees from CB/Visa/Mastercard and interchange. Pay By Bank offers a straightforward pricing model: a single cost per transaction with no hidden charges.

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Benefit from payment guarantee

Once the payment is validated by your customer, it is executed immediately and becomes irrevocable. This eliminates the risk of non-payment associated with checks or traditional bank transfers.

A multi-channel payment experience

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Accept payments for high-value purchases in-store and on-the-go

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Enable high-value payments by adding Pay By Bank to your checkout page

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Facilitate invoice payments and remote sales through payment links via QR code or email.

How does it work?

  • In-store
  • E-commerce
  • Invoicing
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    The merchant selects the "payment link" mode in the PayWish application, displays the QR code, or sends the link via email.

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    The customer accesses the payment page, selects their bank, authenticates themselves, and validates the pre-filled transfer order on their banking interface (app or website):

    • No need to add a beneficiary
    • No need to enter the merchant's IBAN
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    The transaction is confirmed in the application, and the merchant provides the customer with the receipt via QR code or email.

Key features

  • Pre-filled information for amount and beneficiary, without the need to enter an IBAN
  • Order reference included in the transfer order
  • Digitalized receipt via QR code or email
  • Order refunds

Easily integrate Pay By Bank solution

  • In-Store
  • E-commerce
  • Facturation
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Fast, customized integration

Install our application on your NFC-equipped devices in just a few clicks:

  • As a stand-alone application
  • As an app-to-app with your business tools
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