Instant Paiement - Episode 9 - Fraud

2022-10-26 - 3 min News

In this 9th episode, we talk about fraud and the best practices to put in place to protect yourself.

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Retranscription of the video

Hello everyone, I am Aude Vicaire and I welcome you to the Instant Paiement.

October is coming to an end and the end of the year holidays are approaching fast, synonymous for you of important sales increases..., but probably also of fraud.

Online or in-store, every merchant is confronted with fraud. Fortunately, there are now tools to help protect against it and reduce the risks.

First of all, let's recall some figures provided by the Payment Observatory. In France in 2021, 7.5 million transactions representing a total amount of 1.24 billion euros were fraudulent.

And as in previous years, despite a 5 point decrease, the check remains the most defrauded payment method. It reached 37% of the amounts defrauded in 2021.

Also in stores, contactless payments, which account for 57% of payments in the vicinity, proof that contactless has become a part of payment habits, have reached their lowest level of fraud.

We also observe a decrease in the fraud rate for online payments between 2020 and 2021, with a corresponding increase in friction due to the implementation of strong authentication under PSD2.

Thus, this continued decrease in the fraud rate on most payment methods is the result of the joint actions of all players in the payment chain, and in particular the implementation of the PSD2 directive.

However, finding the right balance between security and payment fluidity is key to the customer experience and the merchant's revenue! There are several ways to achieve this, for example

  • The implementation of exemptions such as TRA, whitelisting etc. to avoid strong authentication in e-commerce, still within the framework of the PSD2
  • Reducing the use of checks by offering instant transfer solutions, such as the Pay by Bank solution offered by Market Pay

As an active member of payment and security bodies, Market Pay closely follows all developments related to payment security in order to continue to improve fraud management and offer solutions tailored to your needs.

That's it, the Instant Paiement is over.

Next month, I'll talk to you about in-store payment improvements in the run-up to Black Friday and the holiday season.

Until then, don't hesitate to share your opinion in comments, and for more information about Market Pay and our products, visit our website and follow us on social networks.

See you soon!

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